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About True Love Creation Studio

    True Love Creation Studio located in Bangkok, Thailand. Specialised in many area of photography including Food & Restaurant, Product Table Tops, Wedding, Event and Corporates, Portrait, Interior & Architecture and many more.  

    Now the company concentrate on Food photography. We service the high quality of images start from beginning with draft idea on paper then take into production, finally retouch the images. All the images are ready to use for graphic design fro advertising works.  

    On-Site service: We shoot at your restaurant or you may take your food or bakery to our studio. 

   Timing wise depends on how much we need to working on your food or product. Normally takes a  few day to finish the final retouching.   Feel free to contact for pricing at 095-395-9669

     Commercial Product (Table Tops), Food, Architecture and Interior, Event and Corporates. Justin has the eyes for details that is “A Must” for commercial product photography. His images including Food & Bakery, Interior & Architectural featuring on several publication including 7X7 San Francisco Magazine. The Knot Magazine, CNN Money, Forbes, San Francisco Chronicle online retailers such as, and many department retail stores and restaurants.

     True Love Creation manage by Justin Wong, The Knot Award Winning Wedding Photographer Northern California 2009. Justin's well known as a lecturer for international wedding photography workshop. As a professional photographer who showing outstanding images quality and with his signature style "Minimalist" clean but elegant. His picture style showing minimal elements but elegant looks and always well composition. Justin's already shoot more than 300 weddings in San Francisco Bay Area since 2005.

- True Love Creation Studio

99/92 Ramkamhang 94 Rd. Saphansoong District,
Bangkok, THAILAND 10240

095-395-9669 (Bangkok, Thailand)
88-953-959-669 (Call from International)

Instagram: BakeryTen
Line: Justin-Wong

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